Picking the right bottle of wine is hard!  When you walk into a wine store, there are so many to choose from.  Most people will choose the bottle that is within their price range or — if they are feeling adventurous — a bottle with a fun looking label.

Let’s just say, all this is not something you want to deal with before a big date!  Fortunately, YumBui is your wine wingman and will do all the hard work for you!  He will match a wine for  your dish with the right level of acidity, tannin and a bunch of other wine stuff (that you will not need to worry about), but makes the meal perfect.

YumBui not only has your wine pairing covered, he will also mail it directly to your door, ready to be uncorked and enjoyed: no hassle, no stress. Let’s admit it, everyone could use a little help on date night.  Tell YumBui what you’ll be serving and he’ll send you beautifully paired bottle  of liquid courage.

Tell YumBui what you’re serving!


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