The weather is starting to cool down, and that means it’s perfect weather to snuggle up with a bottle of vino and take-out.  These may not seem to go together, but trust me my friend, when hot food and a paired bottle of wine is delivered to your door, with little to no effort on your part, you will appreciate not needing to put on pants for such a wonderful loungey night.

YumBui is your no-judgement wine sommelier, he knows what wine will go with the food you’ll have delivered.  Just let him know and he’ll pair a bottle to make anything delivered really fabulous and cozy.  You don’t need to put pants on for him, just plop in front of your computer and check out YumBui’s site.  He’ll ask a few questions about your wine and food preferences (nothing about pants) and bam, you’re in business.

 Let YumBui know you have plans to get delivery and will be spending some quality lounging time, he’ll have just the bottle for you!


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