The moment you uncork a bottle of wine is a moment of no return — when the cork is removed oxygen rushes into the bottle and the party has started! Someday you may find yourself in a situation where you only drink half the bottle and wish to save the rest (I know, it sounds a little unbelievable, but it’s best to be prepared!) So what do you do?!?!

Here’s what YumBui suggests:

1. The refrigerator will go a long way to preserve your precious wine, no matter if it’s red, white or bubbly. Once you’ve finished, recork the bottle and place it in the fridge.
2. Pour the rest of your red or white into a mason jar. Mason jars are a great size and come with a gasket that will seal out air. Do not do this to sparkling wine, as you’ll lose many of the bubbles.
3. Don’t use the “clean” side of the coke to store it, reuse the stained end. It may look cleaner and be a bit easier to put into the bottle, but could contaminate the flavor of the wine.
4. Use a hand vacuum pump to cork and remove the oxygen in the bottle.
5. Finish the bottle with a real or imaginary friend, no need to store it!

Now that you are prepared for the unthinkable, tell YumBui what dishes you enjoy and he’ll pair a bottle of wine to compliment it beautifully! He’ll take care of all the hard wine stuff, so you’re able to enjoy the wine and maybe share a glass with your imaginary friend.

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