When you enter a wine shop you have quite the choice to make, looking for the bottle that will pair beautifully with the meal you are preparing or picking up at your favorite take-away spot.  It’s rather intimidating to be faced with the shelves of wine and not really know what you want.

If you are looking for a great bottle of wine, at a great price, that will also go well with your favorite dish… you could ask someone working in the shop for suggestions.  Although from past experience, this has not always gone well.  The cashier obviously knew their wine lingo, and I didn’t. If felt like they were judging me for my lack of wine knowledge, so I just grabbed the bottle closest to me and checkout out; what a disappointing experience!  Being a lush, I love wine and enjoy drinking it, but it was not an enjoyable experience.

Fortunately there’s YumBui, he’s your no judgment online sommelier.  Let him know what you plan to eat, and he’ll pair a bottle that will compliment it perfectly.  He knows all the wine stuff so you don’t need to!  There’s no guilt or pressure, he also loves wine and wants you to love what you drink.  Order online from your couch and have the vino delivered to your doorstep.  All you need to do is uncork and enjoy, no need to stress (or put on pants!)

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