How many times did you choose a bottle because you thought the label was pretty or the name was quirky, but then when you brought it home and tasted it, the flavor just wasn’t right? Not that the wine was bad, only that it didn’t go well with what you were eating, or it was not what you expected… and not in a good way.  Sometimes wine roulette is not fun.  Every wino has experienced this heartache, but maybe you don’t need to…

What if you could have a professional sommelier choose the perfect bottle for you?  There’s no need to guess if you’ll like the mystery bottle or if it’ll pair well with a specific dish.  YumBui knows his wine and wants to make sure you love the wine you drink.  Not only will he do all the hard work, he’ll mail the paired wine directly to your door! All you need to do is confidently uncork and enjoy!

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