How It Works

  • Step 1: You decide you need wine in your dining life so you go to the pairing page.
  • Step 2: Choose how many wine pairings you want: Two, Three, Six…..or if you’re feeling ambitious twelve!
  • Step 3: You choose the quality of the wine: Enthusiast (that entry level fine dining stuff), Connoisseur (for those who want more structure and intent from their wine), or Sommelier (this is where you enter the territory of super wine geekdom dorkiness oenophile).
  • Step 4: Choose to receive a monthly shipment or have the order as a one-time purchase.
  • Step 5: You pay because making wine costs money.
  • Step 6: Go to your account and answer the dish profile questions.
  • Step 7: Sit back and wait for YumBui to pair your unique dish with a wine that will make your mouth feel like it’s ballroom dancing.
  • Step 8: Receive your wine in 3-5 days (maybe even earlier).
  • Step 9: Feel fancy drinking that wine while eating macaroni and cheese.
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Get Special Treatment

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