How does your pairing work?

We have an entire page dedicated to this question. It’s even on the top! Here’s the link again! >:(

How do you know what I’m going to eat?

We ask you several questions after you purchase your pairings listed below:

  1. What do you want to call this dish profile?
  2. What are you putting into your mouth?
  3. What flavor is your meal?
  4. How is this thing cooked?
  5. What type of wine do you want?
  6. Open to sparkling wine?
  7. Further requests?
  8. Number of pairings for this dish?
I want to tell you something about my dish that’s not covered in the dish profile, what do I do?

Tell us in the “further requests” box. It can fit A LOT more characters than a twitter message so you can go wild!! We don’t charge anything for your extra words, as a matter of fact we prefer you to give us more details so we can pair your dish with the best wine possible.
There are also the “other” choice for some questions where you can also tell us something that we may not have covered.

I’m not eating anything with my wine, just send me that good stuff…how do I say this on the dish profile?

Just hit that “next” button bro and submit. No work needed. HOWEVER, in that “further requests” box you can tell us if it’s for an occasion, what music you listen to, what show you’re planning to watch, or anything really and we’ll try and get you a wine for that purpose! Seriously we’re really into pairing.

I don’t know the answer to that question, what do I do?

Take a deep breath, you’re not taking the SATs or filling out your taxes. Just choose “Anything goes” or leave it to the default answer. You can use the “further request” box for any details you want to tell us. We’ll use all the information you gave us and we’ll give you the best wine we think fits those details.

I’m too lazy right now, do I have to fill out the dish profiles right after purchasing?

No you don’t. You can come back any time to fill out the dish profiles by logging into your account. KEEP IN MIND THAT YUMBUI WILL NOT SHIP YOUR WINE UNTIL YOU HAVE FILLED OUT ALL YOUR ALOTTED DISH PROFILES.

I want all my wines paired with one dish and I’m too scared to pay without knowing if it’s possible…is it possible?

Yes! Just increase the number on the last question of the dish profile “Number of pairings for this dish” to the number of wines you want paired to the dish profile.

I want my wines paired to different dishes and I’m too scared to pay without knowing if it’s possible…is it possible?

Yes! Just have the number of wines you want filled in for the last question of the dish profile “Number of pairings for this dish” to be paired to the dish profile. Then you can create another dish profile and we’ll pair that puppy too!

I don’t want monthly deliveries, how do I make this a one-time purchase?

There’s this box you tick before you add the pairings to your cart. The box is under the question “Only One Month?” and states “I’d like only one month, please — rather than ongoing subscription.” It’s a super tiny box to make it hard for you to click on.


When will my package arrive?

We aim to ship your fermented grapes right after you complete your dish profiles, but the official time is 3-5 days after your credit card is fully authorized and processed. We will send you a tracking number by email once we’ve shipped your wine. When you receive this email, it usually means your package will arrive the next day.

I work for a living like most people and will not be at home to sign for the package, what do I do?

Call in sick!! I’m just joshin’…that means I’m joking. Unfortunately these packages must be signed by someone age 21 or over….anyone!! DOESN’T HAVE TO BE YOU! If you have a doorman, you’re good. If you have a stay at home spouse, you’re good. If you have a butler or maid, you’re good. If you have a 21 or over sibling or friend, YOU’RE GOOD. If you have none of those, best to ship it to your office, your neighbor, your friend, somewhere or someone that you know the package can be signed for.

UPS will try the address three times before they send it back to us. If this happens, we will credit you the amount paid towards the pairings, but NOT the shipping charges.

You can tell us to hold the package until you’ve found a place for us to ship. Just email us at

I’m under 21 and don’t know why the delivery guy is not allowing me to sign for the package?

Sorry kid, but you’re not allowed to sign for that. Tell your parents they bought it so they need to sign for it. Wait…what? You bought it? You’re effing kidding me right? You should d@m well know you can’t purchase any alcoholic beverages in the United States of America unless you are 21 or older. You know when you clicked that box with the terms and agreements you verified you’re 21 or over right? So you basically lied. UPS is going to be sending that package back to us and we are going to terminate your account with no refunds, credit, or any form of compensation.

I received a broken bottle, now what?

Email us at . Do this ASAP! Send us a picture if possible of the bottle, box, packaging, etc. We are just as angry as you are at this point that our nectar of the gods were not properly handled and shipped.


miscellaneous random general questions

I don’t live in New York, can I still buy pairings from you?

Not yet. Be patient. Sign up for our email list and be sure to tell us what state you’re in. We take this to be a factor in where we can expand.

YOO!! I purchased the pairings a few days ago and I still have not received my wine. I’m really Hulk angry! Arggghhh!! Where they at?

Did you finish filling out your dish profiles yet? No?… Did you see the reminder emails to finish your dish profiles? No? C’MON!!! We’re here to give you the best experience possible! We don’t want to see you unhappy with our wine, so just fill out the dish profiles and we’ll send it to you.
If you did fill it out and you have not received your package, email us at

This wine you sent me tastes like poop, what you gonna do for me?

We have a thing called “Adventurer’s Product Insurance” that applies to the pairings you purchased within 28 days of delivery. Email us at and tell us why your wine tastes like poop. Was it corked, oxidized, the food and wine went extremely horrible together, there was actually poop in the wine? Don’t worry just give us a friendly email and we’ll get it sorted.

When your shop going to be open? I don’t like mysteries and like to take things into my own hands.

When YumBui feels like it! And really he feels like it right now, but it requires a lot of work. We want to bring you the best experience from the pairings, shopping specific wine, or the concierge service, so we don’t want to launch all willy nilly. But we will be launching it soon.

What the hell is your “Concierge” page for?

For anything alcohol related!! Think about it as your own personal assistant for all your alcohol related needs. Want wine cellar consulting, bar creation consulting, party planning, a hard to find item? We will go around the world…twice to try and help you! Feel free to use our service. It doesn’t cost money until we can actually help you, and we will be very up front with the costs.

Your FAQ page didn’t answer my question, how do I contact YumBui?

Please be friendly.

How do I cancel my monthly deliveries?

Log into your account and there should be a cancel button right next to your order. Click that! You can also email us at .

Where’s my confirmation e-mail at?!!

Try your spam/junk box. If you don’t get it within 24 hours and start to get paranoid, email YumBui at .

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