Whatever do you do with the mysterious bottles of wine that have been gathering dust in the pantry or left by guests after a party… YumBui suggests to cook with them!  This may be hard to imagine to a few folks, but some bottles are better for cooking and others (the ones YumBui sends you) are best enjoyed with food.

Wine makes a wonderful marinade to add flavor and moisture to meats, it also makes a banging sauce when added directly to a hot pan. Think about adding a few slashes of a mysterious red to your next crock pot creation, the wine will keep the ingredients moist and help tenderize the meat. You can also use wine in some baking recipes!  If that doesn’t sound marvelous, I don’t know what is…

Let YumBui know you’ll be making a one-pot-wonder with slightly questionable leftover wine and need him to pair a bottle of make the meal really fabulous!  YumBui won’t judge, he wants you to drink good wine and love what you drink.  

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