Life’s great!  We feel this is a perfect reason to uncork a bottle of bubbly (or whatever libation you enjoy) at every opportunity to celebrate. Whether you are cheering a work promotion, a birth, girls night out or because it’s Tuesday, let YumBui know you have some celebration’ to do!

Think about how wonderful it feels to congratulate your friends or yourself on a job well-done!  To raise your glass of glittering bubbles and enjoy the cool crispness, honestly who cares if you made the promotion, you my friend, have bubbly to drink!

If you feel unsure about which bottle of sparkling wine  you would enjoy, no worries!  YumBui has your back.  Tell him you want to cheers with bubbles and what you will be snacking on, from there he’ll do all the work!  YumBui will mail you the bottle he paired with your food tastes, all you need to do is uncork and celebrate.  Life is so wonderful!



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