Who is YumBui?

We are a wine and liquor exploration site…THROUGH FOOD! YumBui aims to make your dining experiences better and increase your knowledge of inebriating beverages by expertly pairing your meals with wine and liquor. We want to help you take the mystique out of something that can be daunting at first glance.

Treat us like that non-intimidating best friend slouching on your couch watching TV, wearing blue jeans and a generic shirt just as you are thinking about dinner. And let’s just say your friend’s name is YumBui for convenience sake. You are planning to order take out, or maybe on making a simple dish. You want to pair your dinner with a drink to make the time more fun. You randomly ask YumBui not expecting much, “Hey, what should I drink for dinner?” Life is about to change and you don’t even know it.


YumBui: What are you eating?

You: I don’t know, chicken?

YumBui: What’s the flavor of the chicken?

You (getting frustrated): I don’t know! Why does it matter?!

YumBui: Well, it’s like telling me you’re eating a cookie, but not telling me what type. Do you at least know the name of the dish?

You (not being serious and pretty angry at this point): Fine! KFC original recipe leftovers in my fridge!

YumBui: I got just the thing!


YumBui leaves and comes back with a bottle of wine. You are surprised he actually had an answer, and even more surprised that the wine went well with your leftover KFC. The wine even made the food taste better! If YumBui can do that for your leftover fast food, what can he do with steak, or cheese, or even a cupcake! The sky is the limit.

Over the course of dinner, you find out that YumBui has had years of experience in the liquor and wine industry and YumBui has been helping people pair food and wine since childhood. YumBui can even get you things that you can’t find in stores, and it turns out he sells some of it for a better price than others. YumBui tells you he can help pair food and wine for you a few days a month and teach you a few things about why the pairing works or doesn’t work, if you like. The power is now in your hands to start this journey…

YumBui looks at you and smiles, “C’MON!! It’ll be fun!”

Food & Wine Pairings

YumBui will expertly pair whatever it is you’re eating with wine and liquor. You just have to answer a few short questions, or tell us exactly what you are eating. We pair anything! We know how to pair that perfectly grilled steak, or maybe you’re having Chinese take-out. We pair meals made by you or meals made by McDonalds. Seriously…we pair anything.

He Sells Stuff

YumBui has his own retail section where you can find wine and liquor. If you can’t find it on our website, use our concierge service!

Concierge Service

YumBui can help you get that bottle you had at a restaurant once, or a bottle that your local store does not carry anymore. Remember that bottle of soju you had in Korea? Or that wine you had in France? Just tell us what it is and we’ll tell you if we can get it.

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Get Special Treatment

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