Science can be  a wonderful thing: an experiment in Italy showed women who drank 1 to 2 glasses of red wine a night had increased sexual desire.   I know ladies… seems like the perfect win- win situation to me; “why yes Doc, I would like a glass of wine and an increase in my libido!”

Researchers believe it’s the increased antioxidants in red wine that increases blood flow to keys parts of the body. Women who said they drank more than the allotted 2 glasses were removed from the study as they were considered “over indulging” and would skew the results.   Fortunately, more tests are being conducted.

Whether you are a lady, or know one, tell YumBui you would like some red wine sent to your doorstep.  Let him know the dishes that titillate you and he’ll pair a bottle that compliments the flavors beautifully.  YumBui is the ideal wine wingman, let him show off his talents!


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