sketch-pairingDo you need wine with that? Ever wonder what wine goes with that cheese or maybe what wine goes with a hot dog? We pair the solids that go in your mouth with liquid courage.



Pair your dish with the perfect wine.

How It Works

Tell us what you’re eating

A professional evaluates your dish’s taste profile

He personally chooses the best wine to match the dish

YumBui ships the wine and you drink and eat!

Your Wingman for Wines

Your Wingman For Wines


It's Easy

Take the challenge out of wine selection — let a professional help you.  You just focus on the drinking and the savoring.


It's Personalized

Get to know your own flavor palette better.  Or show someone that you’re especially thoughtful about their tastes.  You charmer you.


It's Fun

If delightful surprises aren’t enough for you, “the guy who selects my wine” is a pretty cool thing to tell your friends about.  You’ll see — it’s a pleasure!



Select your drink à la carte.


Order something special.

YumBui is Lovable

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the more you’ll enjoy it.

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Get Special Treatment

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